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Peer support group for practicing mental health professionals living with mental illness

This group is designed for therapists and other mental health professionals who are working in the field and also living with and managing their own mental illness. This will be a safer space for mental health professionals to connect and discuss the ways that living with mental illness impacts both at life at work and life outside of work.  

Each group will provide up to two people the chance to share a struggle they are experiencing and gain support from the larger group. Then it will open up to people reflecting and sharing what comes up for them in a supportive environment. The group will run 90 minutes, 25 minutes for each person to share on a deeper level and discuss with group members, and then 25 minutes to engage in open discussion with the whole group around what came up for people and how they relate. There will be a short opening check in of what people are hoping to leave outside the room, as well as a check out of what people are going to keep in the room, and what they will choose to take with them.

The group will run 8 sessions and take place every other Sunday.  Location will be in either Dorchester or Downtown Boston and will be decided on based on group member preference. Time of group will also be decided based on group member preference.

Fee for this group is $300 for the 8 weeks. The first half of fee to be paid prior to starting, and second half of fee to be paid by midpoint of group, prior to the second 4 weeks.

If you are interested in participating in the group, please fill out this survey: (

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